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I started a thread on the UK’s EU referendum

I’ve been hav­ing an inter­est­ing Face­book debate this week­end with a few friends. It largely con­cerns the forth­com­ing ref­er­en­dum in the UK to leave the European Uni­on. I’m pretty proud of it actu­ally and I think it makes for some use­ful read­ing. I was feel­ing some­what frus­trated by the poor qual­ity of debate hap­pen­ing in the Brit­ish […]

The long goodbye

My very good friend Sarah Shaw left IPPF today after serving for over 12 years. She held a vari­ety of posts – we first met while she was busy, run­ning the lib­rary and look­ing after the photo col­lec­tion. As the in-house design­er at IPPF, the pho­to­graphy col­lec­tion of over 40,000 images was an enorm­ously import­ant resource – we […]

What does real digital innovation look like in parks and public spaces?

I was for­tu­nate enough to attend Nesta’s “Digit­al Tech­no­logy in Parks & Open Spaces” event on the 30th July. As always, Nesta fielded a genu­inely impress­ive lineup of speak­ers across all three of their ses­sions on how for­ward-think­ing loc­al author­it­ies and park man­agers are using tech­no­logy to increase pub­lic engage­ment, fun­draise and improve park man­age­ment. Over the […]

Entering the 100Days Challenge

I recently read about Gareth Mailer’s #100DAYS Blog­ging chal­lenge and, since I’m pain­fully aware that my own blog­ging out­put has dwindled to the point where I barely ever pub­lish any­thing, I plan to take a lit­er­al approach to the 100 Days aspect and only write approx­im­ately 100 words per day for 100 days. That way I reas­on even I can man­age to […]

Exploring museums for creative inspiration

Since my wife is away in the US right now, I decided to spend some of the my after­noon at the Brit­ish Museum. I’m work­ing on a design pro­ject for The Eld­ers at the moment and, as part of that work, I needed to do some visu­al research into Tri­bal cos­tume and pat­tern.  It was a fas­cin­at­ing exper­i­ence for […]

Visualising the spoken word with dictographic notation

In 1996, while in my third year at Cent­ral St Mar­tins col­lege of design, I devised a basic nota­tion­al sys­tem for  visu­al­ising the spoken word. The sys­tem which I named “dic­to­graphy” adap­ted aspects of stand­ard music­al nota­tion as well as typo­graph­ic con­ven­tions. Since the first ver­sion I have fur­ther expan­ded dic­to­graphy into a more com­plete nota­tion sys­tem.