Entering the 100Days Challenge

I recently read about Gareth Mailer’s #100DAYS Blog­ging chal­lenge and, since I’m pain­fully aware that my own blog­ging out­put has dwindled to the point where I barely ever pub­lish any­thing, I plan to take a lit­er­al approach to the 100 Days aspect and only write approx­im­ately 100 words per day for 100 days. That way I reas­on even I can man­age to com­mit to stick­ing to the regime. 

Of course, my tal­ent for pro­cras­tin­a­tion will still likely get the bet­ter of me, but I sup­pose I’m hop­ing that even I can’t pro­cras­tin­ate around 100 words. In fact I may even occa­sion­ally try to split up the 100 into sev­er­al tweet-length posts. 

What could pos­sibly go wrong?